Renaming from Freedb


First time posting, so initially would like to state: Great program, can't believe I never found this before. As with many people I have an MP3 collection built up over several years that needs to have the ID3 tags brought in line and start behaving.

One request that I have, which would make this program perfect for my needs, is to have an option on how to handle Various Artist filenames from Freedb. I usually name all of my files in the format "00 - Artist - Title.mp3". The ability to specify a new filename format is therefore perfect for run of the mill albums.

When it comes to tracks from compilations they tend to have the Artist Name as "Various" or something similar and the track name as "Artist / Trackname". This means that I have to go through a process whereby I accept the update to the Tags, then update the filenames to a pattern consisting of "00 - Trackname" (In this case it would try and create the filenames "00 - Artist / Trackname.mp3").

Because windows does not allow the "/" character in a filename it prompts me for every file and I manually enter the "-" character instead. This obviously can take some time!

If you had an option to auto substitute invalid characters in filenames, I could specify that "/" should always be substituted with "-". Saving me more time and making your program darn near perfect for me.

Sorry for the long post!

Keep up the good work :smiley:


You can make use of the Scripting functions.
An example is here


Thank you very much for that.
Excellent - now just using:

$num(%track%,2) - $replace(%title%,/,-)

and it works like a charm.

Can use that to get to the filename and the filename to tag to copy the changes back over the tag itself :smiley: