Renaming Multi-Disc Albums


I have a small/big problem:
My Colletion is near 1 TByte big.
From the beginning on, for Multi-Disc Albums, I Named the Albums like
%album% = [Album Name][CD (number)]

Starting using emby, I would like to rename everything to
%album% = [Album Name]
%discnumber% = [(number)/(sum of the discs)]

Is there any way to achieve this with Mp3Tag? I know, the collection is large and loading it into Mp3Tag takes ages but I could also do it stepwise. Any Ideas welcome.


To split the field ALBUM into ALBUM and DISCNUMBER use an action of the type "Import tag fields" (Guess value):
Source: %album%
Format string: %album% CD (%discnumber%)

Unless the total number of discs is already included in the discnumber, you will not get this piece of information.