Renaming Multiple Covers

If I use only one cover image then the default is 'Front Cover'. This works fine as most players use this for the default image.
I like to use the original artwork for the car, but also want the option for additional artwork when playing at home. Sometimes, I want to add a second (or more) image(s): mainly when using collated albums or browsing the liner, for instance.
I currently use the 'Actions | Actions (Quick) | Import Cover From File' option, then select 'Other' for the 'Input Cover As' option for adding an image to multiple files. I then have to go through each file in turn and rename from 'Other' to 'Compilation', which can get time consuming.
Is there a way to include 'Compilation' (or any another custom name) as an option for the 'Input Cover As', or is there a way to rename covers for a multiple selection?

Only the cover types that you find in the list of types in the action or as attribute in the tag panel are supported by the standard. Or the other way round there is no way to assign


is not an option as it violates the standard. Internally the types are mapped to numbers so there is no way to save user-defined names.

I understand the numbering may be mapped, but what I don't understand is what happens to the mapped number when I can rename that category after assigning an image. What happens when the mapped number when the associated text is completely different?

Where can you rename a category?
Do you perhaps mean the description of the album cover?

Please don't ask me to explain the question I have raised by answering the very same question from you!?
If I knew how to rename a category then I wouldn't be wasting my time on this forum asking how to do it!
I apologise that my detailed description is not detailed enough for you, but to rename, as you are no doubt aware, you need to 'set cover description'.

The cover description can be, as you noted, be anything.
Unfortunately, this description is evaluated by hardly any player.
You can set it in MP3tag for all the selected files according to the settings in an action of the type "Set cover properties" or with the function of the tag panel cover context menu "Set cover description".
So you can create an action group that first imports a cover from file and then sets the description.
But again: the text that you enter in "Description" has nothing to do with the cover type, so therefore can be anything you like and will not be shown or interpreted by most players. MP3diags even notes the presence of a cover description as possible source for errors.

That came out a bit harsh, don't you think?
If anyone is "wasting their time" here, it would be the ones offering their apparently unappreciated assistance.