Renaming numbers from file name

Guys, I apologise if the question already exists. I tried everything but I couldn't remove the numbers at the beginning of the many songs. Let's give you an example.

01 Akon - Be With You
02 Akon - Beautiful
01 Akon - Crank It Up
02 Akon - Her Shoes
01 Alexandra Stan - Lollipop
01 Alexandra Stan - All My People
02 Alexandra Stan - Mr Saxobeat
02 Alexandra Stan - One Million

And many more... I tried to coverter tool from filename to filename but I couldn't manage it. I want to remove the numbers at the beginning without changing the rest of them. I want to do it in batch mode not one by one. I want them like these;

Akon - Be With You
Akon - Beautiful
Akon - Crank It Up
Akon - Her Shoes
Alexandra Stan - Lollipop
Alexandra Stan - All My People
Alexandra Stan - Mr Saxobeat
Alexandra Stan - One Million

What should I do can you please show me with tutorials? I am not good in changing such scripts maybe I'm idiot on this. Thanks in advance.

Edit: I did it! :smiley:

The normal act is to have correct tags and to build the filenames from the tags.
It is possible to correct only the filenames but I don't think this makes much sense.

So if you have tags for artist, title and maybe track, just rebuild the filenames with the coverter Tag-Filename and the format-string:
%artist% - %title%

It is also possible to do this with an equivelnet action of the type Format Value.

If you do not have tags for these files just create them with an action:
Action-type: Guess Values
Source Format: %_filename%
Guessing Pattern: %track% %artist% - %title%

You can put this action in an action-group with the followeing action that builds the new filename from the newly created tags:
Action-Type: Format Value
Format String: %artist% - %title%

You shpuld always experiment with copies from your files first till you are sure that it works as you expect.