renaming of files


hello to all ...
This is one kick butt proggy for managing one's mp3's.
Quick question ... searched but found no answer.
I want to rename the title " track 'x' " to " track 'x' of 'y' ". 'y' being the total numbers of tracks in that album.
What string would i use. I currently have the format string as Track $num(%_counter%,2).
Does that make sense?
Thanx in Advance


Do your files have tracknumbers in the format X/Y? If so, you could use %track% of %_total%.


Sebastian ... thanx for your response.
I did a little more digging and found a thread on my problem to which you had responded. Don't know why the search function didn't pick it up but a well ... :frowning:
With your help I have solved the issue.
Anyone who needs a fix for this this is what I did.
Make sure you name all the files in this manner : 01/39
Create a new action for format value. In the field put TITLE and the format string I used: $num(%track%,2) of %_total_files%
works like a charm ... solves my renaming of audiobook files quite nicely.
Looks like this now: 'Book Name' - 01 of 39
Thanx again :slight_smile: