Renaming %_parent_directory%. Is it possible?

Hi i tried to rename the %_parent_directory% using the action below but it doesn't work.

Field: _PARENT_DIRECTORY or %_parent_directory%
Action type: Replace
Original: Franchise Record Pool
Replace With: FRP

It looks as though this field is really read-only (I don't know whether this is intentional or not.)
You would need to use _DIRECTORY as target field.
A format string like
$replace(%_folderpath%,Franchise Record Pool,FRP)
should work

Hi @ohrenkino, thanks for the response.

There is a problem with that, this action is recreating the full path while renaming the parent directory.

"E:\Music Downloads`DJ Pools Downloads`POOLS TRANSFER\Franchise Record Pool 1707"

"E:\Music Downloads`DJ Pools Downloads`POOLS TRANSFER\Franchise Record Pool 1707\ E\Music Downloads`DJ Pools Downloads`POOLS TRANSFER\FRP 1707"

What kind of an action do you use? I thought of an action of the type "Format value" for _DRIECTORY

This is what i also did!

Then you have to check again.
I tested it with path
M:\Music\MP3Music\My own Music\USA\1982 - View From The Ground\
Format string: $replace(%_folderpath%,USA,America)
Result: M:\Music\MP3Music\My own Music\America\1982 - View From The Ground\

It did work now, I don't know what happened before.

Although it worked though, this action created a new folder "FRP" and moved all the files in to this folder but the original folder remained as empty.

Is this the correct behaviour?

the reference point is still the current _DIRECTORY.
So if the parent directory has more folders then these stay in the old directory.

I see, there are subfolders in to the _DIRECTORY.

Actually there is nothing inside the old folder, everything moved to the new one,only the old folder remained (without the subfolders).