Renaming parent folder for new hierarchy

Hey there, I'm trying to sort the hierarchy and filename of my music using the following Tag-Filename format string:
%albumartist%(%year%) %album%$num(%track%,2) - %title%

an example of the current output shows below:

"Y:( done )\Embrace of Thorns\2018 - Scorn Aesthetics\02. Mutter Aller Leiden.mp3" ->
"Y:( done )\Embrace of Thorns\2018 - Scorn Aesthetics\Embrace Of Thorns(2018) Scorn Aesthetics\02 - Mutter Aller Leiden.mp3"

The above sorting is flawless, and I was wondering if there is there a way to have the original folder renamed and the new arrangement to start with the album artist name like below

"Y:( done )\Embrace Of Thorns(2018) Scorn Aesthetics\02 - Mutter Aller Leiden.mp3"

Again, if I tag several albums(in the same folder) belonging to the same artist, will the albums all fall under the same album artist folder as created in the format string?

Create an action of the type "Format value" or use the function Convert>Tag-Tag for _DIRECTORY
Enter as
Format String: y:( done )\%albumartist%(%year%) %album%

Thanks, it works flawlessly, and I'm in awe! :star_struck:
one last question: can I combine this with renaming the mp3 files like I was in the above format string?

If you rename the _FILENAME and use not only just the filename but also definitions for a folder, then you move the file to the new folder - this may lead to orphaned folders that you probably would have to remove in a later step outside MP3tag.
Moving single files can be used to create a new folder structure if you have a lot of files in a single folder but would like to have them in separate ones.
But if the folder structure is ok already and only the filename is not quite up to the mark, then either use an action of the type "format value" for _FILENAME or the function Convert>Tag-Filename with a
format string: $num(%track%,2) - %title%

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I'm really grateful for the help. Now tagging 150,000 albums+ at hand currently doesn't seem as daunting. On and on!

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