Renaming the Names in Mp3tag for ID3v2 tag fields


Is there any way to rename the default Tag Field Mapping in Mp3tag?

Some examples of how I want the tag field to appear in Mp3tag: -

  • ARTIST becomes Artist
  • ENCODEDBY becomes Encoded by
  • DISCNUMBER becomes Disc
  • LANGUAGE becomes Language(s)

Reason of this is because I am using dBpowerAMP R12 Beta 2 to rip my CDs and this program has a really neat feature whereby ID3 Tags will be shown in the tooltip for the file in Windows Explorer.

But if I edit the tags using Mp3tag, tag field for the same thing will be shown twice but in different format e.g. DISCNUMBER (Mp3Tag) and Disc (dBpowerAMP Tag); PUBLISHER (Mp3Tag) and Label (dBpowerAMP Tag); MEDIATYPE (Mp3Tag) and Source (dBpowerAMP Tag); etc.

Is there a file which I can edit the Tag Field Mapping for the program so am not restricted to the default ones? Any help will be much appreciated as I am not familiar with scripting or programming.