Renaming Title and Artist with Action

Hello all, forgive me if this seems like a ridiculous question but is there an action you could setup that would take this song TITLE: "frank sinatra-New York" and convert it to "Frank Sinatra - New York" and do it for all files with mixed information like: "frank sinatra-New York (producer Joe Miller)" and reduce it to "Frank Sinatra - New York". Thanks for the help.


Create an action of the type "Replace"
Search string: frank sinatra-
Replace string: Frank Sinatra -
(which reads minus-space at the end but does not show like that here)

Create another action of the type "Replace" for TITLE
Search string: (producer Joe Miller)
Replace string:
(leave empty)

I hope, we are really talking about the tag field TITLE and not the filename.

Ok gotcha, but this won’t work for every other file opened in the same folder correct? As you point out, it is the TITLE not the file name. Is there an action to just use the file name as sometimes the actual file name and TITLE are not the same.


I would suggest that you first get the tag fields right - and then you construct a filename from the tag data.
Use the function Convert>Filename-Tag to get the tag fields filled for

Format string: %artist%-title%

there is the
Format String: %artist% - %title%

use the
format string: %artist%-%title% (producer %producer%)
or if you want to ignore everything in parenthesis:
format string: %artist%-%title% (%dummy%)

If you are not satisfied with the cases of the fields, use an action of the type "Case Conversion", here probably "mixed case".
(see the help:

And once you have all the tag data in the way you want it, then use
Format string: %artist% - %title%

As Ohrenkino already wrote there are possibilities to do that.
But of course there are limitations if your artist/band-name comes with a hyphen itself, i.e.

It seems there are too many variables with the extended tags that come with the music I download for this to be effective. In many instances once downloaded, I open the file and there’s no data in mp3Tag, not even the song title. This would take me forever to code and there’s so much garbage in the tags and different scenarios with the renaming to ensure the effectiveness. Thanks to everyone that responded. I love this software and I love the community. This is an example of doing it right. I commend all of you.