Hey guys,
I am trying to edit the first part of all these videos but I am very confused. Please Help me.

I want to remove the part with this "Video #??? - "

I hope that you really refer to the tag TITLE and not the filename.

For TITLE create an action of the type "Replace with regular expression"
Enter as search string:
Video.* - (.*)
Enter as replace string

(try this on a single file first if it should go wrong the damage is limited to that file)

This expression will remove too much.
In general you should try to make regular expressions match as exactly as possible.

So for this task I'd use something like
RE: ^Video #\d+ *- *
Replace: leave empty

Sorry I mean Filename

then use the converter filename-filename and a pattern that may look like this:
original pattern:
Video #%1 - %2
Target pattern

Thanks that worked like a dream.