Renumbering tracks

Is there an art to doing this for multi CD albums?
e.g. I may have 2 track 1's, 2 track 2's and one track 3 etc

I'd like these to play in the correct order, so I could call them 101, 102, 201, 202 and 203 for example. Is there an art to doing this within mp3tag. When I look at the cover art (from Tag Sources -> MusicBranz) , I can the tracks in the 2 columns:

The right hand box is populated from my actual mp3 files and has move up/down buttons
The left hand box is pulled back from the web and has the ability to edit the track number

The way I see it is you move the tracks up/down on the rhs (your mp3 files), to match the order on the lhs (from music brainz), but why is the edit track number then on the left and not the right

Many thanks

The way I do it:
I first sort all files of such a compilation by number (which gives the mixed up sequence) and then by %album% which resorts all tracks in MP3Tag cd-wise and in the correct sequence.
you may now do any kind of advanced numbering using the numbering assistant.
Me, personally, number all tracks sequentially without any mucking about with 01, 101, 201 etc. I don't care if the first track on CD2 start with 1, 101 or (in sequence) e.g. 18

If you want to do the numbering with increments of 100 then in the numbering assistant enter a different starting value for each CD (the result may be puzzling though: you get track 103 of 18 if you store the total number of tracks as well).
Anyway: give it a try.

I don't think "track 107 of 18" would occur - I think the track number is used internally (by ipod and creative zen) purely for ordering, as on the odd occasion I've ended up with duplicate tracks and it doesn't seem to mind

OK, I've come up with this method which works where the number of mp3's on my hard drive matches musicbrainz for example (I will come up with other variants as I go along)

Renumbering single CD's where no. of MP3's = no. of tracks on musicbrainz
select all tracks on album, then "tag sources -> music brainz"
Click Next on "search by album"
Find the right selection (album, artist and no. of tracks) and click Next
Click Utils -> Suggest sorting - title. Notice how the order on the RHS changes to match
Click OK
If appropriate say yes/no to the "keep covers" question

Now in my case, because the track number forms the beginning of my filename, I rerun my "tag -> filename" converter