I'm new to this site, but what I want to do is renumber about 16000 tracks 1 to 16000. At the moment they are numbered as per their CD track number, so I have loads of number 1s, 2s etc.

I have tried using the renumber tool, but it hasnt worked. Can someone give me an idiots guide of what to do?

All tracks are in the same folder.

Many thanks


Are you referring to the track field? This is typically the track number as found on the original disc. Or are you creating a custom field for this - remember that many player's cannot use custom fields for any kind of reference, this is more for personal use.

A few more questions to clarify what you are trying to accomplish - Do you have a specific order you want them in? Or simply a unique number for each file? How will you manage newer files as you add them to your library?

Glad to help once we know more about what you need.



I have the 16,000 songs in a folder on my PC that I copied onto a memory stick to play in my car. I want to play them in random order, but the car thinks there are only the number of songs up to the highest CD track number.

Therefore I want to number all the tracks 1 to 16000 in no particular order & then play them randomly (there is a random mode in the car system) in the car.

So I'm not sure if its the track field, but its the track number that the car music system recognises that I want to change if that makes sense?

Not intending to add newer files as all that I have fill up a 64gb memory stick. Instead I will start a new folder again if I need to with a new memory stick with different music files in the future.

Thanks for any help you can give.


In this case, point MP3TAG at the directory on your memory stick (this will keep the original tags on your PC intact) to load all 16000 files on the stick. In the top menu choose "Edit>Select all files" so that the entire list is highlighted. Then choose "Tools>Auto-numbering wizard" and in the box that pops up check "Begin with track 1" and just to be sure you can also uncheck "Reset counter for each directory" if you have subdirectories. You may want to also make sure to clear the checkbox for "Save total count of tracks" as this may cause your car player to have issues.

You will end up with all files having a unique track number up to the last file. And by using only the files located on the memory stick, you will have the original tags intact on your PC with the proper track numbers.

Many thanks for that.

I followed your instruction, did everything you recommended, but the numbers are still the same, lots of tracks, like around 100 or so numbered 01, the same amount numbered 02 etc.

Is there anything else I can try?


Are we talking about the field TRACk or parts of the filename?

The filename are the numbers I am looking at that hasn't changed. Or does the music player not pick these up & looks at other aspects?

Now I'm feeling really dumb as I've just expanded the Mp3tag window to the right looking for other columns that I didnt know existed & found the Track column. Ooops!

So I'm guessing ths column is what the music player will read?

Thanks for your help & I'll go & hide in a corner for my stupidity!


So in this case with the tracks numbered did it work on your car player?

You can easily create new filenames with the function
(provided, the fields have been filled - otherwise, you should do that first with the function Convert>Filename-Tag and something like: %track% - %artist% - %title%. This pattern depends on the actual filenames, though, and if it does not work, you should post a typical filename, so that we can help)

The pattern for a new filename could be:
$num(%track%,5) _ %artist% _ %title%

Sorry for my delay in answering.

The tracks are all now numbered 1 to 16397 as I wanted & they are all on the 64gb memory stick. However when the memory stick is plugged into the car (a new BMW X3) on random play, it only shows tracks ranging from 1 to 500 even though all the tracks are showing. I'm guessing this may be a car thing as my old BMW (2012 1 series) used to show tracks higher than 500.

Any ideas or is this a car limitation matter?


If you want to stay compatible with the V1 standard, then I think the maximum Track number is 255 without any digit behind the slash (like 5/9).
I am not sure about the V2 standard.
But: as this number is closely related to the capacity of a CD and that does not allow more than 99 tracks, the developers of the BMW player probably thought they did more than enough. I would put that down to a local limitation.