Reordering cover art position?

I have files with the outdated front covers, and multiple other embedded images. So my sequence is usually front cover, back cover, media, leaflet (for stuff I do have).

So an example is I have a file, front cover, media x5 for six total art. The position indicator of front is 1/6.

So now, I have a correct front cover that I want to insert into the first position.

I find that there is no way to move the "order" the files are dragged into the mp3 window.

Is there a way to handle this beside trying to export them all and then manually one at at time reordering them? I also need to convert the "old" front cover" to "media" as well.

I'm trying to semi automate it if possible as I have a bunch to modify.

Any thoughts?


The type of an embedded picture is determined by its attribute and not by its position in the file.

If you want to have a certain sequence, then, I am afraid, you have to export the embedded pictures to the filesystem first - best with a naming scheme that shows which function the picture had in the audio file.
Then you delete all pictures in the files
Then re-import the pictures in a defined order (e.g. leaflet first, then artist, then cover).