Reordering featured artist info in the TITLE tag

Hello All. I've been playing around with Mp3Tag for a few days now. It's an extremely powerful tool, but I still have so much to learn. Once thing I haven't found the answer to yet, is how to rearrange the order of information in my title. Often I have Song Title, Remix Title and Featured Artist all in the TITLE tag. I would prefer the order of this info to be uniform across all of my files. Here's an example of a TITLE tag in it's original state vs. how I would like it to look.

You feat. Katelyn Tarver (Crankdat Remix)

How I Want It To Look:
You (Crankdat Remix) (feat. Katelyn Tarver)

Any tips on how to automate this? Thanks!

Create an action of the type "Replace with regular expression" for TITLE
Search string: (.) feat. (.) ((.*)))
Replace string: $1 ($3) (feat. $2)
I would not use the same kind of parenthesis for different things. So, the remix part could be enclosed in <> and the featuring part could be put into [].
Like that it is easier to separate the information (if necessary) and you would also be able to see the difference to tracks that already have parenthesis as part of the title (e.g.: Pink Floyd - Pigs (three different ones)).

I would recommend not to use such special characters, because they have a special meaning in the Filesystem < > ... or in Mp3tag [ ].
Better to use characters {} or () or leave the TITLE without such grouping characters.


Thanks to you both. I'll give this a go and report back. I appreciate the help!

Hey guys!
I have a similar question and didn't want to create clutter by making a new topic, though if this is a dead topic and nobody responds in a couple of days I'll give that a bash :slight_smile:
I was wondering if it's possible to take the featuring artist info out of the title and place it after artist instead.

For instance I come across a lot of formatting like this
Artist 1 - Title (Feat. Artist 2)

Can it be automated to look like this?
Artist 1 feat. Artist 2 - Title
note. Unlike the OP, I'm not keen on keeping the parentheses.

And will it be affected by having a remix name afterwards?
Artist 1 - Title (Feat. Artist 2) (Remix Name)
Artist 1 Feat. Artist 2 - Title (Remix Name)
note. I run a script first to change all bracket types to parentheses, so the remix name will always be in () rather than [], for instance.

Sometimes there aren't parentheses around the featuring artist either, but I'm hoping I can easily adapt or duplicate the code to include certain other variations of feat. (ft. feat ft featuring etc.) and just run it as a fix-all whenever there's featuring artist info in the artist field.

Thanks in advance, I've got no idea if this is possible let alone the difficulty so please excuse my ignorance if it's a tall order. Please let me know if I can provide any more info, hopefully I've explained it well enough.

Perhaps you find this thread interesting:


Spot on ohrenkino, thank you very much!
Everything I needed :slight_smile:

I just wanted to follow up to let everyone know that I was able to make some minor changes to that base script (in regard to parenthesis placement) and get it to function exactly as I need it. Thanks so much! This is a HUGE time saver!