Reorganize and multidisc

I am trying to reorganize my music onto a network HD now that includes reorganizing and redoing some tags / folders. Here is my issue, I am able to use MP3Tag to do the majority of this such as move the directories but when I go to create multi disc folders by renaming the files it puts them right back into the original folder that they were in prior to the move?

Presently what I do after I have the tags the way I want them:

Format Value "Directory" - $validate($replace(G:\Music$upper('['$left(%albumartist%,1)']')\%albumartist%\%album% $num(%year%,4), , ), %mediatype%,'_')

Now when I apply:
Format Value "Filename" - Disc $num(%discnumber%,2)\%_filename_ext%

It moves it right back to the original directory that I just moved it out of but in multi disc sub directories that I was seeking for the new folder...

I can get around this if I pull the files from the new folder back into MP3Tag than run the Filename format...but this seems to be an extra step that could be unnecessary.

Ideally I would like to be able to combine both of these together so that I could do the following:

Move to new folder and if Disc number is more than 0 (as I do not number single discs as this would seem to be another unnecessary step) than follow it up with the Filename formatting...


Perhaps the other way round would be an alternative:
first you create the correct amount of folders, then you move them.
For the new filename (including a possible new disc folder) I would use this
format string: [Disc $num(%discnumber%,2)]%_filename%

The square brackets make it an optional parameter that is only applied if %discnumber% has a value/exists.

My preference is that the grouping of files should be done by the player.
So you might consider to join DISCNUMBER and TRACK so that you get one folder but filenames like
101 _ track1 for CD1, track 1
121 _ track21 for CD1, track 21
201 _ track1 for CD2, track 1
211 : track 11 for CD2, track 11
and so on.
Like that you still see where one CD ends and the next starts but you have a flat structure that saves characters in the path and makes it easier to maintain.