reorganizing an entire directory structure



I currently have my mp3's organized this way: artist\album\track - title.mp3

I've tried a few other taggers/renamers and none of them seem to reorganize the way I'd like. I want to drop the current directory structure, and restructure it like this: artist\artist_album_track_title.mp3

It seems that when I try to do this with other software, I end up with something like: artist\album\artist\artist_album_track_title.mp3

What I need is to be able to completely start over, and essentially recreate the entire structure into a new directory. Can Mp3tag do this? How is it done?

Thank you.


You can use the Tag-Filename converter (ALT+1) together with the place-holders %title%, %artist%, %album% and %track%. By the way, if you want to customize the number of digits to display for the track number, use $num("%track%", x) - whereas "x" is the number of digits to use.


Use to windows serach to search for * in , mark all the files and move thom to wherever you want.