Reorganizing music folders

Hi, I just started to explore MP3TAG, and I searched through the forum, but could not find a solution to my little problem. I want to reorganize my music folders. I want this to be my final result.

c:\music\B\Beatles(1965) Rubber Soul\CD1
c:\music\B\Beatles(1965) Rubber Soul\CD2
c:\music\B\Beatles(1969) Abbey Road
c:\music\C\Cramps(1986) A Date with Elvis\

I guesss i have to use:
Action: Format Value

c:\music<b>first_letter_of_albumartist_excluding_the_"The"_prefix_of_band_name\%albumartist%(%year%) %album%<b>if_multiple_discs_CD#\filename

But how do I achieve to make the folder with first letter, excluding the The of the band name, and how do I create the folder of the CD#, that should only be there for multiple discs?

Any ideas on how to achive this?


See "Help - Scripting functions"

c:\music\$left($regexp(%albumartist%,^The ,),1)\\%albumartist%\(%year%) %album%[\CD$num(%discnumber%,1)]

The discnumber tag must only be present at files with multiple cd's.

Note: The format value action on _DIRECTORY is only suitable if all files of each album are already in separate folders.