Repair "Garbage at end of file." Lost "Lyrics3v2"

I ran an application to check for corrupted MP3's and used its "Repair" process.
Before repair the "Tag" field reads: ID3v2.3 (ID3v1 Lyrics3v2 ID3v2.3)
.......................After repair it reads: ID3v2.3 (ID3v1 ID3v2.3)

Should I be worried this repair is doing something to remove the "Lyrics3v2" designation? I have both SYNCh and UNSYNCH lyrics in all my songs. The repair scan for these says: "Garbage found at end of file." This repair removes 1KB from the total size of the file. I did have a few MP3's the scan said "Wrong number of MPEG frames specified in Xing header". I have no idea who serious this stuff is.

In MP3Tag I select multiple files, right click for "Extended Tags" and use the RED X to remove a tag data for all these songs. I close it and click the Save icon just to make sure. When I right click on any file that tag no longer appears...BUT

When I view the album in MusicBee the data appears. I have refreshed, rescanned, rebooted, etc. Is there something else I am not doing with MP3Tag to make sure the data is deleted?

Thanks for the patience, this is all rather new to me.

AFAIK is the lyrics3 tag completely superfluous and has nothing to do with the lyrics tag for ID3V2.3.
If you are not sure then make a backup of your file, let it be repaired and check if the lyrics are still there.

THis means that the file allegedly is a CBR file but has a VBR (=Xing) header. You should correct this as otherwise you will not be able to do a random search on the file and/or the displayed length has nothing to do with the actual length.

The best way to delete all the tags would be to use the function "Delete tags" in the context menu of the file list.
If this Musicbee still displays something: does it have a database on its own? How do you update it? It may be that you do not see the actual file but the reference in the database.

Hi ohrenkino,
Thanks for the incredible insight. I think the VBR headers are created on purpose by my other application so the music has a fixed length instead of the guessing. I think this is fairly common. Either way, it all over my head at this point.

I can't understand your "context menu of the file list". That doesn't explain which tabs or dropdowns to use in the application.

We are having troubles transferring music to our phones. Some suggest it might be troublesome MP3 files that cause the transfers to stop well into the process. That's the only reason I ran the tests.

I name the table of files in MP3tag "files list" as opposed to the tag panel or the filter input box.
If you have entries in the files list then you can call the context menu for that list with a secondary (or right-) click on the selection.
The context menu shows you - among others - functions to delete, copy, cut and paste tags.
These functions are also available in the File menu.

I would advise using software that claims to "repair" media files only when you actually are experiencing problems, and then seeking advice on well-supported and actively maintained tools to do so.

I'm no expert, but believe that MP3val and MP3diags are both more mainstream than the tool you cite.

And MusicBee's main claim to fame is that it automatically downloads and displays "bells and whistles" enhancement data like artist photos, lyrics etc, and yes it does store lots of stuff in its database structures - in fact is generally pretty well-behaved wrt respecting your tags, especially in recent updates, at least compared to other such "full-service" library management cataloging tools.

The MB user forums are very active and the developer very responsive, so I'd suggest 1. doing all your testing without using MB, and then 2. if you find MB's messing with your tags without your being able to configure it not to do so, post specifics over there and they'll help you out.

Thanks All.

Good advice. Fix when needed. Like I said, transferring albums to our smartphones was causing the process to stop at various stages during the transfer. Some suggested I look at the MP3 files. Repairs made no difference. I am sticking with MP3Tag to manage edits.