Replace A Field that is Currently blank

Hi Everyone.
I'm Using Mp3tag for the first time, and the only task i really want to perform with the software seems impossible and i'm already frustrated here.
I have read all the FAQs, Supports, help etc, but no one seems to be thinking in my direction.

All I want is to give a single field a particular name for all the tracks in the list...
this seems to be easy if that field already had a content previously, i could use Action-replace to change from the old name to the new name. BUT my problem is to give a name to the field that is Blank.

For example.
I have a list containing songs from the same (local) artist or album. and the album or artist name was not previously given (which means it was blank) now i want to give the entire list, the same artist name (although this can be done manually, one at a time, but suppose my list is long)

I tried
to use Action-Replace, then in the Original, I left it blank, and in the Replace with box, i typed the name i wanted... but it refused to work.
Please friends, i'm really frustrated here, I've wasted so much time tryin to figure this out, but i think the developers didnt think it's one of the most important features to consider giving a menu or icon.

Your help will be greatly appreciated
thanks in advance

If you want to do this with an action, use a 'Format value' action.

For the basic fields such as album, artist, year and genre, which may be the same on all tracks in an album, I find that it's easiest to use the Tag Panel (the fields shown on the left) by first selecting all tracks in the album, entering the field value, and then pressing the Save button.

Additionally to Mp3tag user 'JJ Johnson' advices I want to mention another option.

The dialog "Extended tags..." provides an interactive interface to create a tag-field with any name and any content for all selected files at once.

Note: A tag-field which is blank on the screen, and has really no content like spaces or other invisible characters, does not exist.


Thanks Alot Friends... :laughing: It worked!!!.