Replace action doesn't work with Japanese characters

Hello all. I am trying to use the Replace action to replace a string of Japanese characters to something else. Unfortunately the action fails. This is strange because filtering on a string of Japanese characters does work.
I am trying to replace the text: "竹内まりや". Here is my action group:



I don't think it is a problem with Japanese characters.
I just pasted 竹内まりや into the ARTIST field and checked with Convert>tag-Tag the following
Format string: $replace(%artist%,竹内まりや,B)
and the result is "B" - as intended

I am seeing the same behavior in the Convert > Tag-Tag menu, despite the Replace action (from the Replace menu) still not working.

I just tried the following:
Copied 竹内まりや from your post,
pasted it into ARTIST.
Then I opened an action (quick) of the type "Replace" selected the field ARTIST, pasted 竹内まりや into Search, entered "B" into the replace with field and executed the action.
ARTIST was changed to "B"
It looks to me that the search string finds no match.
And that is something I cannot verify from here.

Replacing using the quick Action menu also works. It appears that using an Action group does NOT work. Can you try doing the same thing but in an Action group?

I did not expect anything else: The replacing works also as an action group.

Sorry about this, it appears when I copied `竹内まりや from one of the track fields, there was a space I couldn't see like so: 竹内 まりや, and using this string caused the replacing to fail. Thanks for the help troubleshooting.

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