Replace Action seems to crash on large collection


Huge fan of MP3Tag. I've used it for years to organize my music collection. Thank you so much for all your work on this amazing tool.

Recently I've run into the first thing that I couldn't really accomplish in MP3Tag:

I'm trying to consolidate my Artist field to make it more consistent. I'd like to do things like replacing the word " and " with the " & " for all artists.

Some Googling lead me to creating a Replace Action on the Artist field. I set it up in MP3Tag and ran it on my collection (more than 10,000 tracks). It seems to start working properly but soon gets stuck as it goes through the tracks. I've tried the same process on multiple Windows machines and all of them get stuck (not at the same point). I'm using 2.78.

Is there a way to figure out why MP3Tag is getting stuck? The UI doesn't give me any clues.

Thank you very much!


What do you mean by "gets stuck"?
How long does it take you to load the more than 10,000 files?
The replacing will probably take just as long.
If MP3tag actually crashes, you will see a crash report or the sudden closing of the application.

Also, take care that no other application (like WMP) accesses the files at the same time. Otherwise it may lead to a deadlock.

To be clear, the Mp3Tag UI itself was getting "stuck". Meaning the dialog that that shows formatting progress bar would get about a 1/3 of the way complete and just stop. Aborting it put MP3Tag into a state where no menu actions were possible.

However, strangely, I tried this again today in order to get a screenshot of the Mp3Tag UI being "stuck" and today it works just fine!

It is definitely possible that one of the programs I have running on the machine was also accessing the files at the same time.

Thank you very much for the help!

I've been having exactly the same problem lately in different fields, windows machines and drives.
My collection is 40,000+ MP3's, I can add or remove tags entirely but cannot perform actions on the entire collection.

What kind of a "replace" action can be executed on 40000+ files? I cannot think of a single term that is present in all of them.

Anyway: that is the way it is: as the replace action can be undone the number of stored records are probably twice the number of files.

So try to use filters to reduce the number of treated files in one go.

No worries, I see your point, however I would have liked to run one action to consolidate and make titles and artists a little more uniform like "and" to "&" "Featuring (and variations) to Feat., etc.

For example, if I have a few variations and versions like live, or alternate of a song, lets say:

(We're Gonna) Rock Around the Clock by Bill Haley & His Comets
We're Gonna Rock Around the Clock by Bill Haley and His Comets
Rock Around the Clock by Bill Haley

and a couple of covers from other bands, it's a bit tedious to go from ( to W to R, more if you extrapolate this to 40k+ files.

Also case conversion (might be the only action in common for my collection) and standard actions don't work on the whole collection...

You can filter the files from your example by the artist name (Haley in this case).
So you would treat only 3 files but not 40.000.
Even with case conversion and replacing some words with others: how often in a life of a file does this happen? I would say: once. And then it is done and the file may rest.
So if you think of filters that reduce the number of files to reasonable amounts that have to go through the standardization, you will not run into the problems that you have described.

On a completely different line: In your screendump I saw that some files have APE tags. You should get rid of these to avoid unexpected behaviour.