Replace action : Self-Titled

I don't like when my album are titled "Self-Titled", like this :

  • Deftones - 2003 - Self-Titled
Mostly because I've never "Self-Titled" written on a record.

So I tried a replace action in the ALBUM tag that would replace all the "Self-Titled" by %ARTIST%, but that's not working...:

  • Deftones - 2003 - %ARTIST%
What should I do to have:
  • Deftones - 2003 - Deftones

Placeholders don't work in the normal Replace action.
But you can use Format value:

Field: ALBUM
String: $replace(%album%,Self-Titled,%artist%)


I'm just wondering if there's a way to add alternatives, a little bit like this :
String: $replace(%album%,Self-Titled|Self-titled|Selftitled,%artist%) (except "|" won't work)

If it's not possible, no big deal, I'll creat 3 rules then. Thank you again dano!

Like this

Many thanks to you dano! (again... :slight_smile:)