Replace action with alternatives

Basically I can do that with a Replace Action :

Original : feat Replace with: feat.
I'd like to do that :
Original : feat; FEAT; featuring; FEATURING; Featuring Replace with: feat.
But I don't know the correct syntax to add alternatives in the Original field What is it ?

Also should I tick the "case-sensitive comparision" option ?
Thanks :slight_smile:

You could use regular expressions instead:

Regex: (featuring|feat)
Replace with: feat.
Case insensitive

"featuring" must come before "feat", or it will replace "featuring" with "feat.uring".

Thank you for your anwer, but there might be something missing because it did work.
Something before the parenthethis?

It works for me. Are you sure you have it searching in correct tag field?

6 months later...
Indeed... I had "ALL" instead of "_ALL"