Replace action with multiple genre entries


Newbie help please, :smiley:

I have multiple genre entries each separated by \\

I wish to for example change \\rock\\ with \\pop - rock\\

I have tried creating a replace action, replacing 'rock' with 'pop - rock' BUT this also changes other genre tags containing the word 'rock' such as \\hard rock\\

I'm sure I'm missing something obvious, any help appreciated

Regards 'helpless'


it's not so obvious.
\\rock\\ to \\pop - rock\\ does not work because \\ is not interpretated as a character as far as iunderstand this.

It works with replace with regular expressions, there you can indicate the start and the end of a field.
Field: GENRE
Regular Expression: ^rock$
Replace Matches With: pop rock


You want to change the content of a multi-value tag-field, so you have to know how to apply the $meta... functions.

Action: Format value Feld: GENRE Formatstring: $trim($replace('\\\\'$meta_sep(GENRE,'\\\\')'\\\\','\\\\Rock\\\\','\\\\Pop Rock\\\\'),'\') From: 'Hard Rock\\\\Rock\\\\Soft Rock' To: 'Hard Rock\\\\Pop Rock\\\\Soft Rock'



Wonderful, that worked a treat, thanks both for your time. Looks like I have lots to learn

Regards :slight_smile: