Replace actions


I've just encountered another bug:

I have a replacement rule for all tags from "(Live" to "(live" and it always worked well. Now I have downloaded informations via freedb. In the tag it says "Jet (Live)" and if I run the actions nothing happens.





Works fine here. Do you have the option only as whole word enabled?

~ Florian


No, I hadn't.

I've tried again and it didn't work. Then I activated only as whole word and of course it didn't work, too. Afterwards it worked just one time. Now it's not working again ...


Could you please remove all tags from the file with the Ctrl+R shortcut and write them back via Ctrl+Z. Then please try again.

If this doesn't solve the problem, please try it with a fresh installation of Mp3tag. I'm unable to reproduce your problems here.

~ Florian


Have you read my email?

It seems that the problem is the visualisation, not the renaming proccess, since the files are renamed correctly afterwards!




So hitting [F5] will display the converted filename?

~ Florian


At first glance ... yes!