Replace album art graphic with an artist graphic?

I have been using mp3tag for many years. I have never found an app that does as much as it does and keeps me happy.

I'm curious if anybody knows how to most effectively replace batches of MP3 album art graphic with an alternate graphic, in this case specifically, with a picture of the artist? I want the artist to be the art, so if I have 10 albums by the same artist, all the art for all songs on all 10 albums will be the artists picture, not the specific album's artwork.

You can add further pictures or import pictures to replace existing ones.
If you want it to be done automatically, e.g. MP3tag looks for new pictures somewhere on the internet, then that won't work.

If you have all the artists pictures already in your filesystem and the files have a name like the data in the field ARTIST, then you may use a
Format string: %artist%.jpg
in an action of the type "Import cover from file".
If the filenames are more of an individual kind, it would be easiest to
load all files,
filter for the first artist,
select all filtered files,
open the extended tags dialogue (Alt-T)
add the artist picture file by clicking on the new button and select the file
(delete the old embedded picture)
save the changes for this artist
and continue with the next.

I'm sad that I needed somebody to give such an explanation to me. I know how to use the variables in mp3tag, and it makes complete sense that artist.pNG named files could be used versus the artist tag.

I think I was hoping somebody would say, hey, there is this app that does this and actually downloads the artist pictures for you. Haha. I have always expected I would need to obtain the artist photos myself.

Thanks for the info.

I think that the Albumartdownloader does something like that. In that program you can set what it should look for and the artist picture is one of the options.

A search machine will guide you.

Unfortunately, having downloaded the most recent version of Album Art Downloader as of September 2019, there is no option visible in the GUI for Artist artwork, it only seems to do Album art.