Replace Album name if it starts with three dots

Hi there,
first of all: this app is so powerful, thanks for creating it!

Second: there's an issue when creating folders for the album or band name, if the album or band name starts with "..."

Android will not be able to play music from those folders, since "..." will make the folder invisible on Android.

My normal tag syntax is:
%artist%\%album%$if(%discnumber%, CD$num(%discnumber%,1),) \%artist% - %title%

Question: what's the syntax for:
IF %artist% starts with "..." or "... " then replace "..." or "... " with ""

(same with %album%)

Thanks guys!

$replace('%artist%\%album%$if(%discnumber%, CD$num(%discnumber%,1),) \%artist% - %title%',...,)

Thanks. But it doesn't work because of the single quotes ' '

This works:
$replace(%artist%,...,)$replace(%album%,...,)$if(%discnumber%, CD$num(%discnumber%,1),) %artist% - %title%

But it will replace any "..." no matter where. I just want to replace "..." when it is at the beginning.

Any idea?

  1. and one more question: how to rewrite: $if(%discnumber%, CD$num(%discnumber%,1),)

so that the discnumber will be added ONLY if the discnumber is 2 or greater? (>1)

This is the simple approach - the more complicated may work with regular expressions. I don't understand the need for that accuracy here. If you sometimes replace the 3 dots and sometimes you don't - why not always?

e.g. $ifgreater(%discnumber%,1,CD%discnumber%,)

Thank you, it works now:

$replace(%artist%,...,)\$replace(%album%,...,)$ifgreater(%discnumber%,1, (CD$num(%discnumber%,1)),)\%artist% - %title%

Is there a way to get the total number of discs as well?
E.G. for a title of disc 1/4 there would be 4 total discs. But how to get the "4" ?

You could take the discnumber as it is including the slash and then replace the slash with "of" so that it becomes "1 of 4"

Thanks. The reason I'm looking for the number of total discs is the following:
When buying CDs at the online shop with the big A, they have that AutoRip feature where you can download the whole album as mp3.

But id3tags of those mp3 files always state "1/1" as discnumber, if it's only 1 disc.

So I would like to ignore the discnumber if it's only one disc, but show the discnumber if the number of total discs is greater than 1.

$ifgreater(%discnumber%,1, (CD$num(%discnumber%,1)),)

should become this:

$ifgreater(%discTOTALnumber%,1, (CD$num(%discnumber%,1)),)

But how to do it?

$ifgreater($mid(%discnumber%,$add($strstr(%discnumber%,/),1),$len(%discnumber%)),1, (CD$num(%discnumber%,1)),)

Thanks a lot, that works!