Replace Album

Really sorry to ask what must be an obvious question, but I have searched around.... Trying to change the whole of the Album field text to a new string, common in all the tracks. The obvious way is a Quick Action,
Original .*
Replace The text I want

The help file gives

The dot character "." matches any single character.

  • repeated any number of times including zero

What am I missing; the action changes nothing

Are you simply trying to change the album name or are you trying do something more complex, like matching pattern within the album names and change the matched text to something else?

If you're just changing the album name, use the Tag Panel (the form on the left). Highlight all of the tracks/files that you want changed, type in the new album name in the Album field, then hit Save :mt_save: (or Ctrl-S).

If you're trying to use a regular expression to replace some pattern, then you'd want to use a 'Replace with regular expression' action instead of a 'Replace'.

Before I have to give long explanations about the theme and handling and difference of the actions "Replace" and "Replace using Regular Expressions" I do recommend to use the action "Format value".
That is the simplest way to set a tagfield to a value.

Action: Format value
Field: ALBUM
Format string: ... the new text ...

What is known as a simple task, that is just a matter of habit.
You will still need to find your way to use Mp3tag.
In Mp3tag you have often several ways to reach the same goal.

  • For beginners the dialog window "Tag-Panel" can help.
  • The list view cells can be edit directly, simply by using copy & paste.
  • For advanced users the actions will be the simplest way to mass edit.


Its really simple,which is why I was nervous to post a really trivial question! There seem to be many ways of doing the same thing, but I havent found a really good wiki with examples. Yours and the following have sorted my prob..thanks