Replace "and" for "&" except if the start of a string

Sorry, I'm a noob. I can't seem to create the correct action that will allow me to replace "and" or "And" for the ampersand sign "&". I can get it to work fine within a string, but I can't get the replacement to ignore words at the start of a title as in "And I Love Her". This comes out as "& I love Her". Please help. Thanks.

Have you tried replacing (space)and(space) with (space)&(space) ?

@Jimmy_Neutron, for the start of the string action, I've tried a separate action steps with these variations:

  1. \s+ and (?=\s)
  2. \s and (?=\s)
  3. \s and
  4. ^\s and
  5. ^\s+ and
  6. and (?=\s)

The other action for within the string works fine using a find/replace "and" for "&", matching whole words only. As you can see, I'm stumbling in the dark with the start of the string requirement. Turbo