Replace any GENRE to SOUNDTRACK - Action

I have lots of mp3s with various genres. I want to change ANY genre to soundtrack using on action. How do i do that please?

Please clarify:
What do you meant with ANY genre? all genres? a specific one?
Do you want the word "soundtrack" in the genre field or do you want the genre in a field called SOUNDTRACK?

For example, i have some songs with hip-hop as genre, some other songs with 'rock' as genre, and some other with 'Demo'. So regardless of whatever is in the genre field i want to have 'Soundtrack' in the genre field for all my files.

Simply put REPLACE all/any value in the GENRE field with 'SOUNDTRACK' as a value.

This sounds that you are not familiar with Mp3tag.
So go this way ...

  • select all the files you want to edit,
  • invoke the Tag Panel [Strg+Q]
  • go to the edit field with the title "Genre"
  • type in the new Genre value you want, for example Soundtrack
  • save the tag [Strg+S] for all selected files at once.

You can do this work automated by using an action "Format value" on the tag-field GENRE.