Replace Characters in Rename


I was thinking it would be helpful to set your own "standards" for how to replace invalid characters when renaming files from the tag.

For example, I have a lot of live shows on CD and when two songs flow into each-other I put a '>' after the title to show that it flows to the next song...

Then, everythime I rename it aways stops on every song with a '>' and askes me if it can use a space instead... I actaully would rather it use another character, such as ']'. Also when there is a '?' I would like to just remove it rather than replacing it with a space. It would be great if I can set something in mp3tag that says always replace '>' with ']' or '?' with [no space] or something similar.

Just my thought...


You can use the scripting functions in "Tag->File name".
For example:


Very cool... I will try that out! Thanks for the quick reply!


I have an action called "Special Characters" that replaces all those characters that can't be used in a filename.


The problem with using an action is that I want to keep the special characters in the title and just replace them with something relevent in the file name...

As far as using the $replace funtion that Dano mentioned, does anyone know how I could replace all special character in one line rather than just one at a time..

What I mean is, I would like to have the files named as artist - title with a replace that changes ">" to "]" and "/" to "-" and "?" to "", etc.



The only way I can think of right now would be creating an action set which copies the artist and the title into a new ID3v2 field, then replaces all invalid characters, generates a file name based on that field and finally deletes the field.
The Format values action type will help here. :slight_smile:


Actions can also be used for renaming.
Just select FILENAME as field on "format value" action.
For multiple replaces in one line:


Ah, totally forgot that you can use nested $replace. >_<


Perfect... thanks for all the help!