Replace existing file

I'm in the process of upgrading a part of my collection and have an action that replaces the path so it's written to the correct location.
Whenever the exact path already exists the following error appears:

Mp3tag v3.06a

cannot be renamed to "NEW FILE PATH".

Cannot create a file when that file already exists.

Abort Retry Ignore

Is there a way to enable an overwrite? Either globally or on a per file basis?

It is rather time consuming to navigate to the desired location delete the original file(s) and rerun the action.


EDIT: tried both windows and mac version

Isn't this a message issued by the OS?

I don't really see why that's relevant, I'm sure mp3tag uses standard windows and macOS APIs.

If nothing else it's an ungraceful handling* of a system "error", usually the user is provided with the option to replace an already existing file.

*saying ungraceful, but might just be fully intended and a replace function explicitly unwanted by Florian, hence the question