Replace "Feat."


I want to make my music collection to format %artist% - %title(Feat. )% but i have music with format like %artist(Feat. )% - %title%.Please make script that can do it
P.S.Mp3tag is the greatest program that i seen.

String von einem Feld in ein anderes verschieben

It would help if you could be a bit more specific with your request.

I would assume that you currently have filenames such as:

 <b>Artist Name (Feat. Bunch of People) - Title Here.mp3</b>

and wish to make it look like:

 <b>Artist Name - Title Here (Feat. Bunch of People).mp3</b>

Plus, to make the script more usable, do ALL of your files have (Feat. ) information, or do some not have that info. If they don't have (Feat. ) would the format end up being like this:

 <b>Artist Name - Title Here.mp3</b>

I also know in my tagging experience that "Feat." is often listed as "Ft" or is spelled out all the way to "Featuring". How exact is your current filename system?

The extra details would help in making the most effective script for your use.


I went ahead and made a quick regular expression to handle the basics of what I think you were asking.

In Actions chooose Replace with Regular Expression

Under Field choose: _FILENAME

Under Regular Expression enter: ^(.)((Feat.)) - (.*).mp3

Under Replace matches with enter: $1 - $3 ($2).mp3


Thank You. It works perfectly