Replace Filename but keep info

Thanks for a wonderful product. I produce music and need to build new tags for songs in each album. I have actions that can fill in much of the fields, but I need help as follows:

If I make a new version of the song after building a cuesheet, I'd like to pull up and tag the new filename in place of the old one, without having to renumber tracks and ISRC fields, etc. Sometimes I replace all songs on the cuesheet, so I must re-number all the tracks.

So, is there something I'm overlooking to take a filename of a new song(s) and replace the previous tag info?

If you keep the original files and the new ones separate, you can copy all the tags from the originals to the new ones, either file by file in one go or if the new ones and the original ones are in the same order, for all of them in one go.
See the context menu of the files list for the copy and paste functions.