"$replace" Format String | Mp3tag v2.77

Hi everyone

I use the $replace format string regularly to alter characters of choice when renaming files or setting up actions. For example, thsi is one where I change the regular brackets into curly brackets:

$replace(%discnumber%-%track%. %title%,(,{,),},)

I have also tried variations of the foregoing string, such as:

$replace(%discnumber%-%track%. %title%,(,{,),})

Since version 2.77, the format string does not achieve the desired results at all, and I hope someone can pinpoint my mistake. I would also like to know if the following format string may be used to achieve the same reult as my original above:

$replace(%discnumber%-%track%. %title%,(,,),{,,},) (based on this one)


$replace(%discnumber%-%track%. %title%,(,,),{,,})


This is bad syntax because of the trailing empty parameter ... $replace(%DISCNUMBER%'-'%TRACK%'. '%TITLE%,'(','{',')','}',) This is good ... $replace(%DISCNUMBER%'-'%TRACK%'. '%TITLE%,'(','{',')','}')



Thank you very much, it worked perfectly. The thing I do not undertand though, is why the hyphens are used, because previously my $replace-syntaxes worked well without them.