Replace Function Not Working?

Thanks for releasing this for Mac. I've been waiting for this for years.

I've run into an issue with the Tag to Filename replace function. The documentation says it should work like this:

The filename I'm testing this on is:
Test: Working / Testing 1!

Using the replace function, I want to change the : to a ;, remove the ! and change the / to a -.

I format it as noted: $replace(%title%,/,-,:,;,!,)

But the name comes out as: Test_ Working _ Testing 1

Aside from removing the !, all characters are replaced with _ instead. Is there a different way to do this?

Any help would be appreciated.

Many thanks for your feedback — happy you like it!

Your probably observing this in the context of renaming files. I've made some subtle changes on how special characters are treated with the Mac version:

Invalid characters are automagically replaced by an underscore on field access, and by that, circumvents what I call the "AC/DC"-Problem. In the past, renaming with fields that contained a path separator char — it's the forward slash on macOS — would result in unwanted folders being greated, e.g., "AC" and "DC".

Invalid characters are currently / and : (and some newline and control characters) and if you have the NTFS option enabled at Preferences > General, the list of special characters extends to the invalid chars on Windows.

So, it's unfortunately not possible to distinguish between the underscore that results from the automatic replacement of the : character and the one that is the result of the / replacement.

I appreciate the response. I understand that it's not possible in the current Mac version, is this a feature that could be developed and implemented?

Ultimately I'm still partially confused because this rename function is possible in the Windows version. It was available in the Wine version of Mp3Tag for Mac and worked flawlessly.

Also, I do have the NTFS option enabled, however it doesn't resolve what I'm hoping to accomplish.

Hi Florian thanks for the explanation. Is it possible to automatically replace these characters with full-width replacements? Presently I have multiple instances of the following replacement characters (see bottom of post) in my string for directory output on Windows and it works as expected replacing the invalid characters. Not having the ability to use these replacement characters on the Mac instance is duplicating my work as I am not able to tag to my standards and as a result have to move everything over to my Windows instance to finalize tagging. Thanks for your time!

/ replaced by ∕
? replaced by ?
: replaced by :

I've just released v1.0.2 and now reverted the new behavior where special characters were automatically replaced on field-lookup.

It caused more irritation than doing good and having no magic there is probably a good way to go.

Thanks Florian. It's hard when a previous function is replaced with something else because we get used to how it works. That being said, I appreciate the replace function being restored. It is very helpful and I don't need to go back and forth between two programs any longer. Thanks and best wishes.

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