Replace many Expressions



Someone can help me

i want to create an action change those

Cd2 to CD2
Cd1 to CD1
Bbc to BBC
feat to Feat
the to The
Dsd to DSD
'o to 'O
'n to 'N

thank you



I think an action of the type "Format value" for e.g. TITLE could help:
Format string: $replace(%title%,Cd2,CD2,Cd1,CD1,Bbc,BBC,feat,Feat,the,The,Dsd,DSD)

Even though you could create an action group with single actions for each pair, it may be less fatiguing to simply edit the whole string once, then copy the whole action and only modify the target field.

As it is always a little tricky to get the apostrophes right, I would create single actions in an action group for the 'o and 'n cases.


Thank you

i will try