Replace multiple values with one action?

Is there a way to replace multiple items with one action once set up rather than selecting "Original" "Replace With" multiple times?


You could use an action of the type "Format value" e.g. for TITLE
Format string: $replace(%title%,Water,Wine,air,love)
with up to 32 pairs.

What exactly do you mean with "replace multiple items with one action"?

Do you want to replace all occurences of
in every tag with

Could you please give us a real example to better understand what you try to achieve?

With one action I want to replace unwanted text aaa with bbb, ccc with ddd. eee with fff etc.


If you want to replace this pairs in the tag TITLE, @ohrenkino wrote above how to do it.

Sorry I'm not very technically minded...
Can somebody show me the format string please?

In this filename:
[] - Special Delivery - This Kind Of Love (320kbps).mp3

I want to replace both [] and (320kbps) with blanks (delete them)



But this will leave a Space and the - behind. Are you sure that you don't want to remove them too?
I assume, you want to get this result:
Special Delivery - This Kind Of Love.mp3
Then it would be:
$replace(%_FILENAME%,'[] -',,' (320kbps)',)

This is the file name. Do you already have the tag info stored in the other fields?

From this example file,

I see some [file info] - %artist% - %title% (sample rate).mp3

If you need to save this info to the correct tags, you could use the Action (Quick);
Guess Values
Source format: %_filename%
Guessing pattern: [%dummy%] - %artist% - %title% (%dummy)

If you also want to keep the other details like the source and sample rate, you can replace the %dummy% placeholders above with the correct fields you want to use as well.

If you already have these values that you prefer to use, you can instead recreate the file names from the tags using the Converter>Filename - Tag (or use Alt+2) that has a preview, and use the string %artist% - %title% there.

Sorry yes, you are right, the above is what I wanted to achieve and it works.

Thank You

Thank you for the feedback.

Just remember: Once deleted, you can't get back the deleted informations that easy.
Therefore I would think about to save all helpful information from filenames into your tags first (if not already done...)
As explained by @MotleyG in his answer.

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