Replace name with just title and artist

Hello everyone,

I need some help to quickly set my filenames and tags the right way.

For example, I have this title:
Fragma with Damae - Man In The Moon (2003) (Original) #fragma #vocaltrance #2000s

When I need to rename the files by hand I need to do a lot of manual work. I have tried to to it with the "replace"-action, but it's kind of a hastle. What I want is the following format:

Artist (and ft. if there is one) - Title

Does anyone have a good solution to do this?
Thanks in advance.

As MP3tag is a tagging program that mainly deals with metadata in tags (and not filenames): which of the tag fields have you filled with data?
Because: if you have filled ARTIST and TITLE then it is child's play to create a new filename with
Format string: %artist% - %title%

If the tag fields have not been filled, import the data first with Converter>Filename-Tag

Sometimes the data is filled, sometimes it isn't.

Problem only is, when I do the converter, it gets all the extra info as well in the tag which isn't preffered.

That is something I can hardly believe.
Did you have a look at the documentation?

Esp. at %dummy% for data that you want to leave out?

Which part of your example would be considered "extra info"? I'm assuming this is when you are using the metadata fields to generate your filename?

So then you have only the filename to work with in these cases, and have to use this to create the metadata fields like artist, title, and others. Which is the opposite converter. And depending on your filename structure, will create the tag fields. I would suggest using the Guess action if the filenames are consistent.

I did not notice that, thanks for that!

I mean by this things in a filename like "(Official video)" or "(Radio Edit)"

Is there any documentation about this Guess action? And what I can use to use it in a right way?

It is documented here, including the %dummy% placeholder that @ohrenkino mentioned.

I would use Converter>Filename-Tag as that has a preview, so yu can check right away whether the pattern fits.
The above filename can probably be split into:
%artist% - %title% (%year%) (%dummy%) #%genre%