Replace only certain char

I have many "extra" bits on my titles and want to remove and replace with a standart phrase.


Troublemaker (Vato Gonzales Remix)
Umbrella (Jody Den Broeder Destruction Club Remix) Ft. Jay-Z
Umbrella(Travis Barker Remix)
Wake Up Call (Mark Ronson Remix)

I want to only have

Title (Remix)

I want to find a way to remove the **** (***** Remix)

Create an action of the type "Replace with regular expression" for TITLE
Enter as Search string:
Enter as Replace String:

A word of caution here: I would not remove this information as there are often compilations that feature various remixes by various remixers. The title is the same, though. So, if all there tracks are then simply called "remix" you have no clue which remix you see.
In short: I would not throw away that information.