Replace path when exporting m3u


At the moment I'm using mp3tag to export playlists with following:


Trick is that for fileserver I would like to replace path during Export, so basically:
\\Server\music\Albums\Something\Something\Somefile.mp3 would become ../Albums/Something/Something/Somefile.mp3 during export.

Any ideas how to do it with the least effort?


Instead of using %_path% directly, you do some replacements in the form of:



Looks good, any Ideas how to actually avoid, hardcoding \\Server\ part?

..\music.. is always static anyways.


It depends a little on where you you store your playlists. It looks like they are on


so you could try



How did you find that out? :smiley:

But yes, indeed they are stored in \\Server\music\playlists\ later


Thank you @Florian, settled with: