Replace string - UNSYNCEDLYRICS

I've recently found a tool that adds Lyrics to MP3 files but it puts the Lyrics data source info at the bottom of the data field. The source info is a line of text encased in square brackets eg...

[ Blah Blah http://BLah BLah BLah ]

I want to delete this line only from the Lyrics field.

I've created a "Replace with Regular Expression" action to search the UNSYNCEDLYRICS filed and replace with "" but the expression deletes the entire Lyrics field entry and not just the line at the bottom eg... [ Blah Blah http://BLah BLah BLah ]

I think this is complicated by the "[" and "]" being special characters. The expression is I'm using is [*]

Why is this deleting the entire Lyrics field and not just the line of text encased by "[ ]" as this is the only place this features in the Lyrics?


Try this ...
Action: Format value


... or ...



:rolleyes: it's always the smallest little thing...thank you Ohrenkino, your suggestion works perfectly.

This is now being nit picking and cheeky and asking another question but is it possible to delete "white space" at the bottom of the field now as my MP3Tag action is to 'replace' with "" which means there is white space at the bottom of the Lyrics field now?

I'm trying to use \s+ but can't get it to work? Must this be a new action?

DetlevD - I could not get it to work with your suggestions...maybe it's just me and my noob status to the world of regular expressions but that is too much "matrix speak" for my little brain to fathom :flushed:

Use another action of the type "Replace with regular expression" for UNSYNCEDLYRICS
Enter as search string: \r\n$
Leave replace string empty.

The $ denotes the end-of-field, the \r is "carriage return", \n is new line - this sequence usually leads to an empty line at the end.