Replace Tags from other Tags

I got some music files that are a bit messed up.

Rating to be specific.

I use another program called MediaMonkey to rate my music.

Rating for MP3 songs are written to the " RATING MM " Tag, but the FLAC files ratings are written to the " RATING "..

In the RATING MM field, they use figures 0 - 5 (with increments of 0.5 for half a star rating)
In the RATING field they use 0 - 100 (with increments of 10 for half a star rating)

I want to have Mp3Tag convert and have the rating in both fields

P.s. What tag does iTunes read for music ratings? I would love to have them written so iTunes can see my ratings from other programs.

What i would do is create a group action called RATING MM to RATING CONVERSION and vice-versa.
To do this create and action to format the RATING with the RATING MM value, then change that value e.g. 0.5 to 10 and so on...


Action #1
action type: format
format: RATING
value: %rating_mm% (check this)

Action #2
action type: replace
field: RATING MM
replace: 0.5
with: 10

Action #3
action type: replace
field: RATING MM
replace: 1.0
with: 20

Action #4
action type: replace
field: RATING MM
replace: 1.5
with: 30

Continue to do this with RATING MM values from 2.0 to 5.0.

I hope this works. I'm on my phone ATM so havent had a chance to test this.

If it does then repeat a similar process called 'RATING to RATING MM CONVERSION'

It stores it in the itunes 'Library.xml' file. I noticed to my despair before transfering songs which had there stars shown that they no longer had them on a newly formated HD. But there is ways round that by keeping the same root drive and folder structure for your tunes and then loading the pre saved .xml into itunes.

But I decided instead to simply put the rating 0-6 (6 for bangers :slight_smile: in the COMMENT tag. That way every programme can see it. An e.g. of my COMMENT tag would be '5 - 2A' So the '5' is the rating and the '2A' is the key of the song. Put this with itunes smartlist and BOOM a very organised collection. :slight_smile:

It looks to me as though you simply would have to multiply RATING with 20
So you could do it in one go if you only use whole numbers (no decimals):
Format tag %rating mm%

But there always is that slight possiblilty that he might want to use .5 increments in the RATING MM field.

It wont take to long to set this up. Create action #1. Create action #2, while still selected hit dupilate 10 times and change the value on each to suit.

I just learnt something new:
If you remove the decimal separator (which sort of multiplies the value with 10) and then multiply the value with 2 you have it in one go for all values:


Happy days. Great comeback :wink:

This programme just gets better and better. That might be very usefull sometime.

LATE reply, now gonna attempt to do this.

Was on "vacation" with the kids......
Now back to hoarding music on my computer.