Replace the string \\ backslashes


my artistname is for example: Majan\ \Ella\ \Mika or Hugel\\Mister without spaces between the two \ \ ! (>> its also not possible to write here two backslahes together!!??)

i want it to change to: Majan & Ella & Mika or Hugel & Mister

I am not able to create an action to replace the string "backslahbackslash" with a " & " in the artist-field.

Is \ \ backslash backslash without space between not possible or where is my problem?

Thank you very much for helping me.

The double backslash indicates a multi-value field.
You have to use an action of the type "Merge duplicate fields" and apply a different separator than the \\, e.g. &.

see e.g. here:

The easiest way to quickly confirm this is to open the Extended Tags window.
Press Alt+T as a shortcut.

If you see more than one Artist (or any other field), then the \\ characters are just placeholders, indicating this as you currently see them. Follow the suggestion in the link above provided by @ohrenkino to make the changes you want.

This is an "escape" function. To show them here as-is on the forum, use the Preformatted Text key in the menu above, or enclose them in back ticks. \\

Wow! thank you, thank you, thank you, VERY MUCH!
Answered faster then correcting my faults with \ \ \ in the text :wink:
I am using this top-program since years and never used ALT+T
Also didn't realize, that there are more than one artist-fields!
You never stop learning!

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