Replace Title with truncated filename

I am trying change the 'title' on field on 65 tracks. Right now they are name track001 through track065. This is what is showing up in iTunes (shudder, but...).

I would like to change the titles to the filename less the .mp3. I looked into custom actions and watched the video but am too stupid to figure it out.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

example of what I have

Name of book 01.mp3 track001
Name of book 02.mp3 track002
Name of book 65.mp3 track065

example of what I would like

Name of book 01.mp3 Name of book 01
Name of book 02.mp3 Name of book 02
Name of book 65.mp3 Name of book 65

Sorry for the ...'s it strips consecutive spaces, perhaps I used the wrong font/bbcode.
Thanks for your time

use the converter Filname Tag and enter as mask

The preview function of that dialogue should guide you.

Thanks so very much, for some reason I kept looking for a Convert Filename to Title option and not making the connection that the Tag in the tool means 'any' of the tags.

Heck of a program!

Thanks again!