Replace "Various Artists" with 1 artist.

Hello, I'm just looking to make editing my mp3's easier and faster than what I'm currently doing. (Duh)

Ok, so I have most of my music with "Various" or "Various Artists" as the album artist name, even though most of my albums are not by "Various" or "Various Artists", they do contain multiple artists, but most of the albums have a main artist, they're not a compilation or anything.

Some of you are probably thinking. "You just highlight the album and just put the artist as the album artist." Well, sure, but I have a TON of music. it would take forever if I were to do it that way. I want to highlight ALL my songs, and make an "action" where it picks the first artist of all the songs, and puts it as the albums' "Album Artist."

Ok, so let me just repeat that in a different way. I want to find an easy way to copy everything, and with an "action," pick the first artist listed as the songs artist, as the overall album artist.

Quick example.

"Album 1"

Various Artists - Track 1 - Artist 1, Feat. Artist 2
Various Artists - Track 2 - Artist 1 (Solo)
Various Artists - Track 3 - Artist 1, Feat. Artist 2 & Artist 3

Ok, understand? I want Artist 1 to be the album artist.

I really hope I explained this in an easy way. Any help is appreciated! Please let me know if you would like for me to further explain!

Format the tag-field ALBUMARTIST with ...


"Artist 1, Feat. Artist 2 & Artist 3" -> "Artist 1"
"Artist 1 (Solo)" -> "Artist 1"
"Artist 1" -> "Artist 1"


Worked perfectly. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!