replace with $if(....

hi from france to everybody

i would like to replace one or several fields with a condition depending of another field.

if the artist is VNV NATION i would like to write Ronan HARRIS in the composer field and future-Pop in the genre field....

i do it like this:

Action: format value
field: composer
format: $if(%artist%=VNV NATION,Ronan HARRIS,%artist%)

but it doesn't work because of changing field from another band is not vnv nation....

thanks for your answer

Please have a look into Mp3tag scripting function help section and find out the fitting functions to use, especially have a closer look at the comparison operator you've used.


sorry but i don't see the error i make in this function so please help me...thanks

Is there any comparator sign like "=", "==", "<>", "!=", ">", "<", ">=", "<=", "=<" or such alike anywhere described in the manual topic of Mp3tag scripting functions?


thank you to have show me the right way. now it works with:

$if($eql(%artist%,VNV NATION),Ronan HARRIS,%artist%)

for me it's like basic so i use always the equal sign but in this case i have to do not..

Ok, you got it! Have fun with Mp3tag.