Replace with Regular Expression on Title

Hi Everyone,
I recently upgraded to the latest version, 3.02 and the action I had been using for years to clean up the title of my mp3 and mp4's no longer functions. I had an action setup to replace with regular expression to remove the first 3 characters of a title so that something like this:

"01-Name of Song"

would be transformed into this:

"Name of Song"

I've not changed anything about the action at all for years and it stopped processing files after this latest version as far as I can tell. Did something change with regex processing and file titles? Here is what my regular expression looks like:

Regular Expression "TITLE": "^.(3)" -> ""

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!

I guess something did change. I did some more reading on regex elsewhere on the internet and found that I can use "^..." instead. I wonder what was changed in Mp3Tag to stop processing "^.(3)" for this.

I doubt that this has ever fullfilled its purpose. The round brackets encapsulate a pattern that will be re-used later.
It should be:
If you want to remove any number, try
which would also cope with 3-digit-numbers
I also see that even though the string is 01-Name of Song that the expression that you use has a space between the first 3 characters and the hyphen.
So perhaps
would be even more flexible.

I can assure you that nothing has changed.
The syntax that you used does not serve the purpose now and never has.

Thanks for the reply and information, it was working for years. I had built the action based on an old post I had found here. I appreciate the info you've given on a different method as well. I'm going to save that and give it a shot too. Thanks again!

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