Replace(x,y,z) only admits 31 items to replace

The wiki says:
replace(x,y,z) returns the string x with all occurrences of string y replaced by string z. Supports multiple parameter pairs y and z.

But in multiple should say 31 or it should be increased. For example:


Works fine, but if we add any other pair:


It stops workings

Ideally I would like to admit infinite pairs! (With 256/512, we should have enough though), but it not feasible, then please change the wiki to say that it admits a maximum of 31.

Thank you.

Please note the documentation:

4th paragraph:

Note that characters with special functionality apply. This implies that you can enclose parameters in ' to pass them as raw text without parsing. Functions with variable parameter count (e.g., $replace) are limited to < 64 parameters.

You can use several of such $replace instructions grouped together in an action group.
Maybe thats even better to maintain then 1 replace with 256 pairs of items.