Hi. I want to exclude the first Fraze "The" from Replace, it's possible?

01 - The Legend Of The Legend


01 - The Legend of the Legend

These are my settings

No, you cannot exclude something in an replace-action.

You could correct it with another replace-action.

Original: - the
Replace with: - The

This leads for me to the following observations:
A global replace of ordinary words causes more harm than it does good.
The effort you save by using the lazy _ALL has to be spent by undoing all the unwanted changes.
Apparently, also the filename gets treated although it should be created from the tags.

And even the idea to exclude the first "The" will not carry far enough for the band "The The".

As language is not logical, I doubt that a global approach will lead to decent results. Or you have to live with the compromises.

Your solution works great. Thanks a lot!

I use Covert - Tag - Filename for many files. I know what you mean.

But my problem was with files I do not want Tags. I can' spent time to correct tags if I remove them. So, the lazy _ALL is useful sometimes :slight_smile: